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Main Program

Bill Roman (NCU Computers) will conduct a computer Question & Answer session. He will also share informative technical topics. So bring your nagging questions for Bill to address.


Bob Gostischa - Staying Safe and Secure                      



In today’s “Online World,” Safety, Security and Privacy need to be taken seriously. This presentation will aid in that mission. Using the right programs and apps can help keep you safe and secure as well as reduce your privacy exposure. Using free programs and apps whenever possible to accomplish this goal is an added bonus and this presentation includes information on many recommended free programs. Join presenter Bob Gostischa as he simplifies, clarifies, and demystifies your devices, (gadgets or technology), so you have a safe, secure and enjoyable Internet experience.

About our speaker:Norbert “Bob” Gostischa, after a successful career in banking, enjoys his retirement as an enthusiast IT security expert, most notably for Avast; the creator of Avast Antivirus software. The Avast website has a discussion and help forum where Bob has been helping with security-related and general computer issues since 2004. He has contributed over 40,000 forum interactions. Avast Antivirus is currently the most used antivirus software in the world. Although Bob’s presentation is not a sales pitch for Avast, mentioning Avast and their software in your announcements would still be appreciated since they pay all the bills.

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See you ONLINE at 6:30 PM.