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Main Program

Bill Roman (NCU Computers) will conduct a computer Question & Answer session. He will also share informative technical topics. So bring your nagging questions for Bill to address.

Judy Taylour - Why Engage in Social Media-Especially if you are over 50? (E)



What is Social Media? Why should I care? You use some form of social media every day; we will be talking about the different types and forms of social media as well as how you can get the information you want and need without having to search endlessly to find it. You do not have to sign up for Facebook or Twitter to engage in social media, but we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages to help you plan your strategy. This presentation will also cover how you can use different types of social media to target the information you need.

About our speaker: Judy is on the APCUG Board of Advisors. She has given numerous presentations at APCUG’s annual conferences, the Southwest Technology & Computer Conference where she served as chair, local technology clubs, and Webinars via APCUG’s Speakers Bureau. Judy holds various positions in APCUG.

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 You are welcome to attend the TPCUG Virtual meetings, however, you must request the ZOOM link information via email at: and also provide your name.

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See you ONLINE at 7 PM.