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Bill Roman (NCU Computers) will conduct a computer Question and Answer session. He will also share informative technical topics. So bring your nagging questions for Bill to address.

Jay Ferron - Hidden Features in Windows 10                 

About our speaker: Principal Interactive Security Training. Jay's work includes E-commerce, VPN work, security audit, workflow process, training, windows and Linux enterprise designs. Jay works on various projects that include training, security designs, network infrastructures, enterprise designs and installations. Jay's specializes in operating systems, deployment, Virtualization, Security and high performance computing. Jay has also been a contracted by Microsoft to offering training in HPC, Security, Mobile, Windows and Azure for Research because of his real word experiences with these technologies.


Jay is also a global board member of GITCA, past President of ISACA-CT, past president APCUG, and a Microsoft MVP in enterprise security one of under 60 in the world.

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See you ONLINE at 6:30 PM.