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Main Program

Bill Roman (NCU Computers) will conduct a computer Question and Answer session. He will also share informative technical topics. So bring your nagging questions for Bill to address.

Peter Basel - Selecting and Purchasing a Desktop Computer Monitor


Selecting a desktop monitor is often a confusing task, we see terms such as resolution, refresh rate, TN, IPS, VA, HDR and more. This presentation attempts to explain these terms in plain English and offers a way to narrow down the choice mostly based on how one uses the monitor. Are you already using a high resolution monitor and if not should you consider a reasonably priced 4K monitor?

Seniors, like myself, with older eyesight should consider a much larger monitor.

A few good bargains in computer monitors will be mentioned.

About our speaker: Peter Basel happens to be our own President.

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See you ONLINE at 6:30 PM.