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Bill Roman (NCU Computers) will conduct a computer Question and Answer session. He will also share informative technical topics. So bring your nagging questions for Bill to address.

John Girard - How Are Immersive Technologies           Changing Our Lives?


John will take us on a tour starting with 3D in the 1830s on up to the present types of computer-generated realities that will someday        soon exceed the farthest imaginings of Science Fiction.                     

Many people have used aspects of hi-tech immersive technologies   without realizing, and many more will use these technologies in        their daily lives in a matter of a few years.                                             

Distancing guidelines sadly rule out hands-on demonstrations but   there will be lots of illustrations. John will also provide links to         places where you can get access to many types of immersive tech   to use at home without spending hundreds to thousands of dollars.

About our speaker: John recently retired after nearly 30 years working at Gartner, Inc. where he was a VP and Distinguished Analyst covering Telework, Remote and Mobile Security, and VPNs.

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